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Leo Celebrities

Adam Arkin Actor, Director 19.08.1957
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Actor 22.08.1967
Agnes Bruckner Actor 16.08.1985
Alejandro González Iñárritu Director, Producer 15.08.1963
Alexandra Paul Actor 29.07.1963
Alfred Hitchcock Director, Actor, Writer 13.08.1899
Alicia Witt Actor 21.08.1975
Angela Bassett Actor, Producer 16.08.1958
Angie Harmon Actor 10.08.1972
Angus Scrimm Actor 19.08.1926
Ann Blyth Actor 16.08.1928
Anna Paquin Actor 24.07.1982
Anthony Anderson Actor 15.08.1970
Antonio Banderas Actor, Director, Producer 10.08.1960
Apollonia Kotero Actor 2.08.1959
Arnold Schwarzenegger Actor, Producer, Director, Writer 30.07.1947
Audrey Tautou Actor 9.08.1978
Barbara Bouchet Actor 15.08.1943
Barbara Eden Actor 23.08.1934
Barbara Windsor Actor 6.08.1937
Ben Affleck Actor, Producer, Writer, Director 15.08.1972
Ben Chaplin Actor 31.07.1970
Betty Thomas Director, Producer 27.07.1948
Billy Aaron Brown Actor 28.07.1981
Billy Bob Thornton Actor, Writer, Director, Producer 4.08.1955
Bob Balaban Actor, Director, Producer, Writer 16.08.1945
Brad Renfro Actor 25.07.1982
Bruce Abbott Actor 28.07.1954
Bruce Beresford Director, Writer, Producer 16.08.1940
Bruce Greenwood Actor, Producer 12.08.1956
Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer Actor 7.08.1927
Carrie-Anne Moss Actor 21.08.1967
Casey Affleck Actor, Writer 12.08.1975
Catherine Bell Actor 14.08.1968
Charlize Theron Actor, Producer 7.08.1975
Christian Slater Actor, Producer 18.08.1969
Christine Taylor Actor 30.07.1971
Christopher Nolan Director, Writer, Producer 30.07.1970
Clarence Williams III Actor 21.08.1939
Claudia Christian Actor, Writer, Director 10.08.1965
Cliff Curtis Actor 27.07.1968
Colm Feore Actor 22.08.1958
Corey Burton Actor 3.08.1955
Dan Hedaya Actor 24.07.1940
Daveigh Chase Actor 24.07.1990
David Brown Producer 28.07.1916
David Chappelle Actor, Writer, Producer 24.08.1973
David Crosby Actor, Music Composer 14.08.1941
David Duchovny Actor, Director, Writer 7.08.1960
David Wain Actor, Director, Writer, Producer 1.08.1969
David Warner Actor 29.07.1941
Dean Cain Actor, Producer 31.07.1966
Debi Mazar Actor 15.08.1964
Debra Messing Actor 15.08.1968
Denis Leary Actor, Producer, Writer, Music Composer, Director 18.08.1957
Diane Venora Actor 10.08.1952
Dominique Swain Actor 12.08.1980
Donnie Wahlberg Actor 17.08.1969
Donnie Yen Actor, Director, Producer, Music Composer 27.07.1963
Donovan Leitch Actor, Producer, Writer, Director 16.08.1968
Dustin Hoffman Actor, Producer 8.08.1937
Dylan Sprouse Actor 4.08.1992
Edward Furlong Actor 2.08.1977
Edward Norton Actor, Producer, Director, Writer 18.08.1969
Elizabeth Berkley Actor 28.07.1972
Emmanuelle Béart Actor 14.08.1965
Enzo G. Castellari Director, Writer, Actor, Producer 29.07.1938
Eric Bana Actor 9.08.1968
Erika Christensen Actor 19.08.1982
Ever Carradine Actor 6.08.1974
Fess Parker Actor 16.08.1925
France Nuyen Actor 31.07.1939
Frank Stallone Actor 30.07.1950
Frank Vincent Actor 4.08.1939
Gene Kelly Actor, Director, Producer 23.08.1912
Geoffrey Lewis Actor, Writer, Director, Producer 31.07.1935
George Hamilton Actor, Producer 12.08.1939
Gerald McRaney Actor 19.08.1948
Giancarlo Giannini Actor 1.08.1942
Gillian Anderson Actor, Director, Writer 9.08.1968
Gus Van Sant Director, Producer, Writer 24.07.1952
H.P. Lovecraft Writer 20.08.1890
Halle Berry Actor, Producer 14.08.1966
Hayden Panettiere Actor 21.08.1989
Helen Mirren Actor 26.07.1945
Hilary Swank Actor, Producer 30.07.1974
Holmes Osborne Actor 7.08.1952
Ian McDiarmid Actor 11.08.1944
Illeana Douglas Actor, Producer, Director, Writer 25.07.1965
Iman Actor 25.07.1955
Isaac Hayes Actor, Music Composer 20.08.1942
Isaiah Washington Actor 3.08.1963
Jacob Vargas Actor 18.08.1971
Jaime Pressly Actor, Producer 30.07.1977
James Cameron Actor, Producer, Director, Writer 16.08.1954
James Gunn Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Music Composer 5.08.1970
James Horner Music Composer 14.08.1953
James Marsters Actor 20.08.1962
Janet Margolin Actor 25.07.1943
Jared Harris Actor 24.08.1961
Jason Robards Actor 26.07.1922
Jay Mohr Actor, Writer, Producer 23.08.1970
Jean Reno Actor 30.07.1948
Jean-Hugues Anglade Actor 29.07.1955
Jennifer Lopez Actor, Producer 24.07.1969
Jeremy Piven Actor 26.07.1965
Jessica Capshaw Actor 9.08.1976
Jill St. John Actor 19.08.1940
Joan Allen Actor 20.08.1956
Joanna Garcia Actor 10.08.1979
Joe Regalbuto Actor 24.08.1949
John C. McGinley Actor, Producer 3.08.1959
John Glover Actor 7.08.1944
John Landis Actor, Director, Writer, Producer 3.08.1950
John Saxon Actor, Writer, Director 5.08.1935
John Slattery Actor 13.08.1963
John Stamos Actor, Producer 19.08.1963
John Stocker Actor 12.08.1948
Jonathan Frakes Actor, Director, Producer 19.08.1952
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Actor 27.07.1977
Jonathan Silverman Actor 5.08.1966
Julie Newmar Actor 16.08.1933
Justin Theroux Actor, Writer 10.08.1971
Kadeem Hardison Actor 24.07.1965
Kaige Chen Director, Writer, Actor, Producer 12.08.1952
Kate Beckinsale Actor 26.07.1973
Kate O'Mara Actor 10.08.1939
Kevin Smith Actor, Director, Writer, Producer 2.08.1970
Kevin Spacey Actor, Producer, Director, Writer 26.07.1959
Kim Cattrall Actor 21.08.1956
Kyra Sedgwick Actor, Producer 19.08.1965
Lambert Wilson Actor 3.08.1958
Laura Fraser Actor 24.07.1976
Laura Innes Actor 16.08.1959
Laurence Fishburne Actor, Producer, Director, Writer 30.07.1961
Lesley Ann Warren Actor 16.08.1946
Lil' Romeo Actor 19.08.1989
Lisa Kudrow Actor, Producer, Writer 30.07.1963
Loni Anderson Actor 5.08.1946
Loretta Devine Actor 21.08.1949
Lori Loughlin Actor, Producer 28.07.1964
Louis Armstrong Actor, Director 4.08.1901
Lucille Ball Actor 6.08.1911
Lynda Carter Actor, Producer 24.07.1951
M. Night Shyamalan Writer, Director, Producer 6.08.1970
Madeleine Stowe Actor 18.08.1958
Madeline Smith Actor 2.08.1949
Madonna Actor, Producer 16.08.1958
Marcia Gay Harden Actor 14.08.1959
Maria Grazia Cucinotta Actor, Producer 27.07.1969
Mario Bava Director, Writer 31.07.1914
Marlee Matlin Actor, Producer 24.08.1965
Marlon Wayans Actor, Writer, Producer 23.07.1972
Martha Coolidge Director, Producer 17.08.1946
Martin Sheen Actor, Producer, Director 3.08.1940
Mary-Louise Parker Actor 2.08.1964
Mathieu Kassovitz Actor, Director, Producer, Writer 3.08.1967
Matt LeBlanc Actor 25.07.1967
Matthew Perry Actor, Producer 19.08.1969
Maureen O'Hara Actor 17.08.1920
Maury Chaykin Actor, Producer 27.07.1949
Melanie Griffith Actor 9.08.1957
Melissa George Actor 6.08.1976
Merrin Dungey Actor 6.08.1971
Michael Biehn Actor 31.07.1956
Michael Hitchcock Actor, Writer 28.07.1958
Michael Kidd Actor, Director 12.08.1919
Michael Penn Music Composer 1.08.1958
Michael Richards Actor 24.07.1949
Michelle Yeoh Actor, Producer 6.08.1962
Mick Jagger Actor, Producer, Music Composer 26.07.1943
Mika Boorem Actor 18.08.1987
Mike Starr Actor 29.07.1950
Mila Kunis Actor 14.08.1983
Natasha Henstridge Actor 15.08.1974
Nikki Schieler Ziering Actor 9.08.1971
Norma Shearer Actor 10.08.1902
Patrick Swayze Actor, Producer 18.08.1952
Paul Anka Actor, Music Composer 30.07.1941
Peter Bogdanovich Actor, Director, Producer, Writer 30.07.1939
Peter Gallagher Actor 19.08.1955
Peter Horton Actor, Director, Producer, Writer 20.08.1953
Peter Hyams Director, Writer, Producer 26.07.1943
Peter Weir Director, Writer, Producer 21.08.1944
Peter Wyngarde Actor 23.08.1933
Rade Serbedzija Actor 27.07.1946
Raoul Bova Actor 14.08.1971
Ray Park Actor 23.08.1974
Rebecca Gayheart Actor 12.08.1972
Reg E. Cathey Actor 18.08.1958
Rhona Mitra Actor 9.08.1976
Richard Griffiths Actor 31.07.1947
Richard Linklater Director, Writer, Producer 30.07.1960
Rick Yune Actor 22.08.1971
River Phoenix Actor 23.08.1970
Robert De Niro Actor, Producer, Director 17.08.1943
Robert Mitchum Actor, Writer 6.08.1917
Robert Redford Actor, Producer, Director 18.08.1937
Roman Polanski Director, Actor, Writer, Producer 18.08.1933
Romola Garai Actor 6.08.1982
Rory Calhoun Actor 8.08.1922
Rosanna Arquette Actor, Director, Producer 10.08.1959
Sam Elliott Actor, Producer 9.08.1944
Sam Mendes Producer, Director 1.08.1965
Sandra Bullock Actor, Producer 26.07.1964
Scott Caan Actor, Director, Writer 23.08.1976
Sean Penn Actor, Producer, Director, Writer 17.08.1960
Sherry Lansing Producer 31.07.1944
Simon Baker Actor 30.07.1969
Stanley Kubrick Director, Producer, Writer 26.07.1928
Stephen Dorff Actor 29.07.1973
Stephen Fry Actor, Writer, Director, Producer 24.08.1957
Steve Guttenberg Actor, Director, Writer, Producer 24.08.1958
Steve Martin Actor, Writer, Producer, Director 14.08.1945
Stuart Gordon Director, Writer, Producer 11.08.1947
Sue Lloyd Actor 7.08.1939
Susan George Actor, Producer 26.07.1950
Timothy Hutton Actor, Producer, Director 16.08.1960
Tom Green Actor, Writer, Producer, Director 30.07.1971
Tony Bennett Actor 3.08.1926
Vera Farmiga Actor 6.08.1973
Vera Miles Actor 23.08.1929
Viola Davis Actor 11.08.1965
Vivica A. Fox Actor, Producer 30.07.1964
Wayne Knight Actor 7.08.1955
Wes Craven Actor, Director, Producer, Writer 2.08.1939
Wesley Snipes Actor, Producer 31.07.1962
Whitney Houston Actor, Producer 9.08.1963
Zakes Mokae Actor 5.08.1935
Zeljko Ivanek Actor 15.08.1957
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